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At Fair Trade Tunisia, we offer our costumers the finest in genuine Tunisian arts and crafts, direct from our artisans to your door. Tunisian artisans, women in particular, have severely limited opportunities to earn a good living. The majority of artisans work from their homes and have no access to the international markets. It was in the hopes of improving this situation that we launched the Fair Trade Tunisia project: an artisan-group that is committed to building relationships, working together for gain.

We are a living gateway to the cultural diversity of North African arts, through which we are able to share our passion for handmade items as well as seeking out new, unknown artistic talent. Our is to empower the Tunisian artisans, helping them hone and preserve their traditional crafts, along the way learning new skills to develop financial independence. We are committed to our artists, and to the preservation of centuries-old traditions. Each one of our unique, tasteful products tells its own story. Every single item at Fair Trade Tunisia is hand-selected to add color and character to your home. And rest assured that by purchasing Fair Trade Tunisia’s products, you are not only purchasing a beautiful piece of art, but also helping to support the livelihood of artisans.

The Arab Spring in the year 2011 changed the climate of Tunisia, with the emergent promise of a whole new democratic era. The revolution cried out for free speech and expression through art and culture, for all Tunisians. Fair Trade Tunisia aims to ensure this creativity and these skills are never lost. We aim to get these artists’ works seen across the globe, bringing an authentic mix of old and new traditions to you.


Overcoming poverty is not a gesture of charity. It is an act of justice. It is the protection of a fundamental human right, the right to dignity and a decent life.

— Nelson Mandela —


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